5 Facts regarding face masks you should recognize during COVID-19 outbreak.

1.Wearing surgical face mask doesn’t guarantee total protection against COVID-19, so it’s only suggested in cases of COVID-19 individuals to avoid spread of the infection.Alsohealthcare service providers should use face mask in addition to various other safety devices to stay clear of capturing the infection.

2. The medical face mask contains 3 layers as adhere to: 

5 Facts regarding face masks

The external layer: it secures against body liquids (blood, urine … etc.) and water. The middle layer: it functions as a filter against some microbes. The inner layer: it takes in wetness coming out from doctor’s exhalation.

3.The edges of surgical face mask aren’t snugly fit about nose and also mouth, so they aren’t protective versus air-borne diseases (such as COVID-19) which create by inhalation of coughing or sneezing beads having the infection.

4.The proper means of wearing face mask consists of the following steps: Hands sanitation is the preliminary action, which is done by cleaning hands with water and also soap or by massaging hands with alcohol. After that, the mask must be meticulously examined to discover any feasible tear or damage.

5 Facts regarding face masks

The tinted side of the mask should be placed in an outward direction. The edge of the metallic strip ought to be the upper boundary of the mask; the nasal bridge should be covered by the top border of the mask. The lower border of the mask must cover the mouth to the chin.

5.Touching the tinted external surface of the mask is entirely forbidden after using it. As well as if taken place accidentally, it should be changed right away.Howeverif you need to touch the face mask, see to it to clean your hands initially.

5 Facts regarding face masks

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